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What is Cloud?
Cloud is a remote environment allowing you to access all of your information including all of your software at anytime from anywhere in the world using a range of PCs, MACs and other devices.

The term ‘Cloud’ does not identify a single item or service, it is used by many organisations to refer to many different services. For example, your internet service provider may offer Cloud backup as part of your broadband package, this is not the same as a corporate Cloud Desktop implementation.

Limitations of traditional IT systems...

Businesses need up to the minute IT systems that not only support their business but also give them scope for further development. However, this traditionally comes with the cost of purchasing new hardware and the latest software. Many businesses now operate with an increasing number of staff working from home or operating from multiple office locations both nationally and internationally. This presents difficulties when trying to access vital information and key software systems such as CRM, Order Processing, Stock Control, Accounts, Scheduling or just simple accessing documents quickly and efficiently.

is the answer.

Cloud Desktop
Cloud Email - Using Hosted Exchange
High powered computers are no longer required in the workplace, the Cloud does the work for you. Processing power comes from one central location for all your staff.
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With Cloud you no longer require your own email server. The Cloud will manage your email system, sending and receiving through the Cloud system.
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  Benefits of Cloud Computing...

Security, back-ups & disaster recovery
Disaster recovery is inherent with Cloud infrastructure. All data is stored in the Cloud & backed up. Have confidence that your data is safe!

Multi Platform Support
Platform independent, will work with Microsoft, Apple, Android & Linux etc

Scalable & flexible system that grows with your company.

Accessible from anywhere
Communicate with your team more effectively or it just may simply mean you don’t need an office! All you need is an internet connection.

Access documents quickly & efficiently
Access vital information & key software systems such as CRM, Order Processing, Stock Control, Accounts, Scheduling, anywhere, anytime.

Requires no software purchase*
Simply pay for the software that you need as a service on a per user per month basis. Reduce your capital expenditure & increase the useable life span of ageing hardware. >> more info

Extend lifespan of existing hardware
As all the processing is now done in the Cloud environment you can increase the useable lifespan of your existing hardware.

  * Not all software is available via a subscription model.
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